Theatrical Memorabilia Performing Arts Collection Fred & Joshua Mead
Performing Arts Theatrical Memorabilia
Collecting Theatrical Memorabilia - Fred & Joshua Mead
Theatrical memorabilia
Photographs of Theatre memorabilia.


Boris Godunov chair

Tosca. Milka Ternina programme
Tatters Costume Adliington Morris Men

19thc Turkish jacket owned by rodolf Nureyev

Stage backdrop used by the magician, The Great Raymond
Billy smart's Circus Elephant costume
Billy Smart's Circus tack
Billy Smart's Circus camel tack
Pantomime Dame Costume.Theatre Royal York
19th Century Mummer's Horse skull from Hooton Pagnell Hall
Derby Tup. Comberbatch Mummers
Comberbach Soul Cakers Horse Skull
Strawboys Hat. Aughakilymaude Mummers
Morris Clogs. Danegeld Morris
Kits Coty Morris outfit
Boston Morris Stumpers outfit
Folklore memorabilia
Wassailing the Apple Trees. Gun cartridges
Lord of Haxey Hood Staff and Britannia Coconut Dancers Whipper-in stick
Madame Pompadour -Autographed Drum
Otello. 1892 chorus costume. La Scala
Billy Smart's Circus costume
Billy Smart's Circus performer's costume
Carter the Great. Assstant's costume
Ballet Russes. Aurora's Wedding.c1947

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